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LA attorney settles $3.5 million dollar case for undocumented worker

“Medical treatment is a very fundamental thing. If you’re hurt on the job it really doesn’t matter as it shouldn’t, whether or not you’re documented” according to attorney, Tina Odjaghian.

Mr. Robles, a 32-year-old roofer, the Applicant, was catastrophically injured during the course and scope of his employment for Halo Roofing in Woodland Hills when he fell off a roof and lost consciousness.

The doctors have determined that Mr. Robles is 100% totally and permanently disabled pursuant to Labor Code Section 4662(a)(4) due to an injury to the brain resulting in incurable mental incapacity and as such, will not be able to return to the labor market.

Defendants have agreed to stipulate to maximum permanent disability at 100% and buy out the value of future medical care via a structured settlement which has been approved today Monday, September 24, 2018 at the Van Nuys Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board.


June 29, 2015, Mr. Robles was taken to Northridge Hospital Medical Center where he was diagnosed with right temporal and parietal epidural hematomas with mass effect, a subarachnoid hemorrhage involving the basilar cisterns, non-depressed skull fracture, multiple facial fractures and 3rd cranial nerve palsy.
Tina Odjaghian of Odjaghian Law Group agreed to settle for $3.5 million, which would be broken down into a lump sum payment to Mr. Robles of approximately $248,000 upfront cash, and the rest to be structured into an annuity that will pay him approximately $10,000 a month for the rest of his life, with 10 years guaranteed (to beneficiary should he pass within 10 years). If he lives his life expectancy, the actual payout may be significantly higher that the $3.5 million. 



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