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  • Edición impresa de Noviembre 6, 2018.

The question most are asking is :What’s next after the midterm elections on November 6th?

Meanwhile we have been flooded with information about the migrants approaching the US border and demanding to be taken as refugees. Other arguments going from one side to the other are the birth right to citizenship, the trade agreements and how countries are reacting to US policies.

There have been the accompanying admonitions and offers from each of the parties, and we tend to forget what the last electoral period promises were, or who said them. One thing is clear though, the day to day situation has not changed for the better for 98% of the population.

It is to the advantage of those who participate in the power control to make us think they are working in our behalf, but given the way people are nominated and supported by big money interests, those elected will have to respond first to those who invested in them, not to the voters.

The positive change in this midterm elections is that some of the people running for local positions are part of the community and will be accountable for their actions.

It is of great concern seeing the huge amounts of money involved in promoting some of the candidates; most of the money comes from outside the state and it is not traceable to an specific individual, but you can see the lobbying enterprises acting behind the investments.

The latest changes in the country have given big profits to the wealthy and their corporations with the expectation of their investment in the workers, who were to have higher salaries, etc. That has not materialized, instead the tax exemptions went to the share holders. Every month it is announced that new jobs have been created in the country, yet when talking to local people we hear about the reduction of work hours, and even cutting down days. A lot of the new jobs are represented by low hourly fees, and even so, you can see a ‘Hiring’ sign in most fast food businesses and others places with low wages.

Many things have not changed for the better and even though the electoral battles are promising changes, there is no clear pattern towards improvement. We continue to have ideological disputes and ideological formulas, and in exercising the right of free speech, we wrestle with one another. But the actions that are supposed to take place in order to make a change take a lot of work, and after the elections each one will be immersed in their own daily tasks. Is very difficult to have an on going group of people working on issues that take time and dedication; also it is most difficult to have such a group without exterior influences for a given agenda.

The younger generations are working hard making changes to daily life. One can see the changes in the local community, that’s where the effort is being made. We need to support their efforts, and stenghten a new way of talking about issues and making effective changes. Maybe if we work hard enough, a new way of nominating and electing in wider circles may take place.

Let us not be taken by the ideological discourse that is not working on issues that directly affect us. Talking helps to clarify ideas and reach agreements. Above all it helps to be respectful while disgreeing and working on common agenda.

Follow the money, find the interests and work with others. Maybe we still have a chance after the storm.






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