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  • Edición impresa de Marzo 20, 2018.

The walkout staged on March 14 is pointed lesson from young people to the nation. Once more the young people are the collective conscience that adults lack.

The new generations are right to think that they are inheriting a mess they don’t want any part of. They judge the legislation as cruel, obsolete and serving only the interest of the powerful.

In their position about the use of guns they feel that the National Rifle Association has a stronghold on the nation and dictates what benefits them instead of the good of the people. The legislators have turned a deaf ear to the cries of the younger generation who have explained how they have lived an in age of escalating violence where they no longer feel safe. On the contrary, attending school nowadays has turned into an act of faith and courage, with students not knowing when or if they will be alive at the end of the day, or if how many of the ‘casualties’ will be their close friends or teachers.

Let’s take an inventory of our legacy. We are leaving a world that is more polluted than when we arrived. We are leaving several ongoing wars and war- like zones in the world where the intervention of the United States has initiated, or sustained the conflicts.

The food chain has been so disrupted that more and more products have been adulterated and instead of being a source of life and nutrition, it is causing diseases, and mutations.

We are leaving behind an arms industry ruled by the regular economy that indicates that if you are making a product you have to increase marketing and even create new markets in order to keep up with production. For instance if you make bread, you have to find more and more clients in order to grow your business. If you make arms…..

For many years the arms production had or created an excellent market outside the United States, but after all in order to have an increased production you must increase your pool of clients anywhere, including in your own country.

How are the adults in the United States government responding to the student movement? Maybe they will continue to pass the responsibility to one another and continue conversations until the next issue comes forward, and it will be treated the same way.

After all the legislators receive their huge salaries even if they accomplish nothing. The immigration issues, or arms control, or pollution does not directly affect them. The big interests that really rule the country operate through lobbying and they make sure that yields are pleasing to the shareholders.

Students have put to shame the nation, but who is the nation? Are we all part of the picture? Do we continue to be interested in the issues and maybe participate in one or two demonstrations, or write letters? Then daily life settles in and things continue to be the same. After all we cannot expect to change the world, the nation, the state or our own city.

Above all we should not inquire how we contribute to the issue because we might find out how our easy way of life is sustained by the wrongdoings that we’d rather not see.

The second step is cheap compassion in the like of balloons and shrines at the places of violence, and then cheap charity for those poor people left behind. Last step is to ignore the possible links of our daily routines to the big problems that arise in the country.

Thank goodness for students who continue to be the conscience of the country!




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