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  • Edición impresa de Mayo 15, 2018.

During his campaign speech in Indiana this past May 10, 2018, President Trump talked about many things. He spoke about the progress under his presidency. He mentioned leaving the Iran agreement, and praised himself for the lowest unemployment rate in 18 years. There were lots of praises for people in his own party and disparaging comments about Democrats. He mentioned the great deal of the world with North Korea, South Korea, Japan and China.

Therefore, next day, the media mentioned many of the things that Trump said, but there was one that nobody mentioned, that is when he said: “We have surplus military equipment. We have it by the thousands of millions of dollars, sitting in warehouses, getting old. The best stuff, anywhere in the world and past administrations said. No, we can’t give that to law enforcement. That equipment is transferred all over the United States to our police and law enforcement professionals. And we already have it. And it’s already paid for. We defend the second amendment and don’t kid yourselves, it is under siege. We defend the right to self-defense.”

I think people that are working for human rights and that have followed the movement started by the students that created March for Our Lives and extended to all the country, would like to know if the surplus arms are going to contribute to peace in every community.

Three days after the speech, on May 13, 2018, Mother’s Day was celebrated. This is another day that has been commercialized and turned into a purchasing and spending activity. Nevertheless, there is a feeling of honoring the mothers from all social classes and backgrounds, because there is the recognition that the life that comes from every womb, is supposed to be for living and growing, not to turn it into death and destruction. Women bear children, not to bear arms, but to love and grow and be happy by doing good.

Most of the people who make war decisions are men, and they usually don’t send their own children to war. Many of the low income people see in the army the only way to get an education, even if getting that education implies killing others. Arms are not toys to be handled carelessly; they are mortal tools that maim and kill. In real life people are not the same even after surviving an armed encounter. Only in the movies do you see the actors appear in other films looking healthy and prosperous.

United States has a huge group of veterans suffering from physical and mental diseases. They are living proof that war is not to be taken lightly because it creates a chain reaction of pain, and retaliation, here and abroad.

United States has not experienced an invasion or war in their own territory. Their knowledge about wars and war like situations comes from going abroad where conflicts have been created, many times by them.

The people, who have suffered war and destruction in their own territories, know that nothing goes back to normal. If we decide that it’s ok to ‘play’ extensively with weapons, we will surely pay the consequences and future generations will live to see destruction coming from within.

Why don’t more people pick up on this danger? Why do we assume that it will be fine if we use all those arms that have been in warehouses? How can we answer to this? Happy Mother’s Day! I hope that we may live to see better things for our children and our children’s children.




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