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Immigration is not an immigrant’s issue, but everyone’s issue. What people fail to see when addressing the lack of an immigration reform is that every sector of society is affected when the immigrant population is persecuted and repressed.

Schools, non-profit organizations, businesses, stores, health care centers, colleges, law enforcement agencies are all affected when the immigrant population stops buying, goes into hiding and avoids attending places.

Whenever an immigrant is deported, the entire family not only is broken, but their finances are also broken, whether the deported one was one of the providers or the sole provider of the family, they will face hard times, lack of resources and additional expenses trying to support in their place of origin the one who had to leave.

Children do not behave the same in school and their achievements is low due to the sentimental, psychological and financial impact of losing a parent, or family member.

Most of the time, thousands of children from undocumented immigrants born in the United States live under the constant threat of having their family destroyed because of obsolete laws that do not take into consideration the hard work and civic presence of these individuals in their communities.

If the family decides to go back as a family, then the schools will receive less money per each student that leaves, and there also will be no need to have so many administrators and teachers.

People who are first generation here, are the ones trying to buy their first house, change to a newer car and acquiring appliances, furniture and all the things that families already established have. If the immigrants leave, stores and business will have fewer clients, and also fewer workers.

Sometimes middle class people do not realize that their job was created and continues to be relevant because of the presence of the newcomers. Students attending colleges and universities now are learning how to serve in a society that has multiple needs, and if the immigrants leave, they will have fewer places of action.

At the places of work, immigrants like anyone else, have their deductions taken for takes, Medicare, social security, etc. therefore, they pay taxes. They also pay taxes when they purchase anything, from a house to a box of tissues at any place. Undocumented immigrants cannot avoid paying all the taxes that the general population pays yet they cannot access any of the benefits such as expecting Social Security for retirement, or Medicare coverage. They also have no access to any benefits that require a social security number to access any federal programs like food stamps, or unemployment.

In several states there is a call to celebrate a day without Immigrants this coming 1st of May.

Can you imagine what it would be like to have ONE DAY, or even more, a week, a month or a year without immigrants?

A healthy society acknowledges the need of any of the integrant parts for society to function well. Disregarding any of its parts is mutilating the entire function of the whole.

Undocumented immigrants are members of families that may have documented members. They are also the parents or siblings of citizens. They are the co-workers, churchgoers, patients, clients, students and friends of citizens and documented and undocumented members of society.

Can we continue to ignore the cries of people who are feeling crushed and persecuted under the current laws?

Remember, when we advocate for the undocumented immigrants and for a solution to their legal status in the country, we are advocating for a solution to a situation that affects and impacts every corner of society.




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