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  • Edición impresa de Septiembre 18, 2018.

Shall we dance again? Election time has arrived and the general midterm election will take place on November 6. In the past months there has been a lot of movement in both parties approaching minorities and especially Latinos, encouraging them to register and vote. It seems that many of them are reluctant to participate. Is it because they are not used to having active participation, or they don’t care about the general course of the nation?

I think that’s the wrong question. For the last twenty years or more, Latinos have watched the Republican or Deemocrat administration deal with the immigration reform agenda. For twenty years or more, and while millions of immigrants have had hopes of some solution taking place, that has not happened.

There are millions of families with blended immigration status, where maybe one is a citizen, another is in immigration process, maybe DACA, and others maybe be undocumented. Therefore, the immigration issue is always in the forefront of each family who feels a continous threat to their way of life. In the case of a deportation, the family’s financial situation is so harmed that many lose their houses, cars, and all they have worked for in years.

When election time arrives, the politicians seek broader participation, but they have forgotten to be in contact with the population whose vote they are now seeking. Campaign promises fade after election takes place.

It has to be taken into consideration that in this republic the democratic nomination like in any third world country takes place among the pool of people that have received the most money to run. Using those moneys in order to win an election has already tied the nominee to the interests of those who invested in him/her. Therefore, it is important to know where the moneys are coming from for each of the candidates, in order to know how they will return the favor. This preselection procedure does not allow for a well intentioned individual with no financial suport who is running for office. The people are manipulated by the ‘Hollywood’ style portraying of candidates who pay thousands of dollars in TV and media advertisement with slogans that catch the attention, but do not show the real platform of the candidate.

Politicians tell us that it is apathy what gets the wrong people in government. I think the public in general continues to go about their daily life knowing that their reality is not going to get better by the pretty words of the candidates.

Now, when there are strong signals of a possible recession, the workers are very aware that in their places of work, there have been less hours, and even extra days off. Some factories are letting go workers or have them working less hours per week. When there is a bad economic situation, they will be first hit, but even among them the first to go will be the undocumented workers that were hired when the need existed, and now the companies will suddenly find out they don’t have legal documentation to work. Of course they did not notice that when hiring in times of abundant work.

All these instances take place and meanwhile the ‘elected’ ones argue during congressional seasons and play politics with the lives they promised to work for. After all their humongous salaries, social security accumulation, and benefits is not going to go dry for them, so they can take all the time they want to discuss the issues until the next electoral season.

Knowing all this, ‘shall we dance again’, to the same tune, the same song and no real changes? It looks like the old music is not working, maybe is time to listen to new players coming from the community.





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